The AGNS&nbsp Oak is a "super-dreadnought" battleship, designed for escorting merchant and civilian ships during periods of political instability and conflict in the Middle East and Coastal African Countries.

The ship was laid down in 1998, with building beginning in 2000, after some financial delays. She was completed in 2005, at a cost of £410,000,000. The shipyard she was built in was the AGNS' own private facility.

The ship's current, and first, captain is Captain Niall Lennon, a past pupil of the Abbey Grammar School.

The ship is armed with the latest in explosive warfare. She has 20 .50 Caliber coaxial guns, 10 on each side of the ship, along with four 4-tubed cannons, carring rounds capable of sinking a 40,000 ton ship in minutes. The Oak is also fitted with heat-seeking missiles, and her counter-measures include 1,000 flares, able to stop any aircraft missile.